What Makes a Sneaker Head?

Posted on November 21 2014

What makes a sneaker head?

Let’s take a moment to talk briefly on the most used term today “Sneakerhead”. Every one wants to be one or everyone claims to be one, from age early as birth to old as 85.
My questions to you is what makes a quote on quote sneaker head?
Is it how many shoes you own? If so what’s the number that qualifies you as a sneakerhead?. I mean really and truly let’s take a minute to think about this. Is that how you rock your sneakers? Is it what sneakers that you’re wearing? Is it how many pairs you own? Is it the love and the passion you have for your sneakers?  Is it the terminology you use? Or better yet is it the knowledge that you have of your sneakers? The leather quality or the rubber? Better yet the laces or is it the brand that you wear. All these questions take place in what qualifies or what truly makes a sneaker head. Now keep in mind what I’m about to say is solely my opinion and basic facts.

The culture of sneakers has always been around like hip-hop, it’s just become one of THEE biggest trends, SNEAKERS. Even though as big as the trend is, it’s still constantly changing. Let’s give credit where credit is due: Converse All Stars, Air Force One, Puma, Adidas & Reebok. Just a few of some of our oldest name brand sneakers to help set and start the trend. Before all the color ways before all the athletes and their shoes there was only a few you wore and if you had those you were fresh. Now who remembers those days before Jordan came out with his first shoe. Me either, 80’s babies! (Side bar laugh) Shoes shoe shoes shoe shoes and more shoes. Who remembers the days where there wasn’t many color ways when your only choice was all black, all white, red black and white,blue black and white, red and white black- and-white, and even much more long before then. To me a Sneakerhead of someone that has a passion and knowledge for shoes, yet alone the shoe they like. Someone not afraid to step out of the boundaries and color style and texture of their shoes. Just because you got those first Jordans that came out last Saturday doesn’t necessarily make you a Sneakerhead. In my opinion that just means you’re keeping up and out on autopilot like many of us, (me included) to cop the newest. It only takes one pair…one pair of fresh kicks that will crush that person with three hundred pair entire collection! So in my eyes and my opinion it doesn’t necessarily take hundreds of pair of shoes it just takes a few quality pair that will set the bar no matter what the shoe is what brand or style. Because again price doesn’t matter either you can have a pair of sneakers that cost you $3000 doesn’t make them fresh and it doesn’t make you a sneaker head. Because somewhere someone probably has a pair sneakers they pay $50 for that will wipe those out. So again truly there’s A lot to the subject and what actually makes a “Sneakerhead”. To me and a good friend of mine also pointed this out to me, if you haven’t always been known to rock fresh kicks whether you had two pairs or 200 pairs you’re not a real Sneakerhead. It’s a association thing, it’s like having a sense of style either you have it or you don’t. So I want to hear from you, in your opinion what makes and what is a Sneakerhead?  Remember let’s keep it respectful for every one has and entitled to their own opinion.

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